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I was so hard and dripping by the end of his story.

This nasty lover of medical bdsm games adores making her examinee feel embarassed and frightened. Nude girls sex clips. I've heard and read about doctors having you lift the gown to do this part of the exam, or sometimes they have you remove the gown, but you still have your underwear on. Diamond needed a thorough physical exam By signing up, you agree to our Terms of use. Nude physical exam. Being a bottom and a sub I instinctively turned to shake his hand not realizing my cock was still erect.

I told this story to Nathan and Jeff at the breakfast table this morning. He pushed the gown open to expose my back and then began feeling his way with a stethoscope from the top to the side and then toward the bottom while asking me to breath in and out. He said he signed up to be a volunteer at this teaching facility where they would use his body as an aid. I usually don't care what people think but this one I cared about. I think you know the drill.

Luck was not on my side though. I offer my patients the choice of a very real exam, very similar to what would be given in an actual medical office, or, the long version that includes other procedures not normally performed by a real MD, such as shaving of the scrotum, buttocks and anal area, enemas, rectal exam with proctoscope and speculum, and collection of semen sample.

He also examined my testicles again while I was up there. Hong kong lesbian porn. Thanks again to my friends for locating and editing these pics for me. There is no way I can post it on my blog though. My heart was racing.

The second day was ok in that it was the same minus the amazing orgasm. Brad is going to get you started and then we can begin the exam. I've never received such a huge response to a post. Pre-cum leaked out of my penis onto the floor. I heard him put on gloves and squeeze lube out of a tube. This one must have been a different one because it felt larger.

It slapped against my abs. She has to 1 demonstrate her flexibility and stamina to this doc, 2 piss into a big vessel, 3 undergo a gyno exam and 4 do many other kinky things in the doctor's office. Nude skin oil. It felt great to have my cock slightly exposed. I got hard about 50 times during the day reading your e-mails and comments.

Homepage or Category page. It's your body and, if you're like me, you're not built like Michaelangelo's David so keeping it private is OK. But that was hot back there. Michael came into the room at that point and took me down the hall into the next room. I can't wait to tell you all the rest.

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Barebacking his boyfriend's asshole.

To be naked and vulnerable at a fake doctor is hot. His hands were strong and warm. Lesbian visibility day. Just in time too. Your membership will automatically renew at I've never received such a huge response to a post. I was at full mast standing, sitting or laying down. I knew the moment he touched it I would be in trouble. Nude physical exam. I say ok and act like I'm starting, when she leaves I stop.

I think I have covered it. Her first gyno exam by old doc I braced myself this is cold finger went up into my anus. It was in the way anyway. Heather thomas nude pics. I've said before here that I have this huge huge medical fetish. The doctor pulled down on the tip of my hard cock and let go. Nathan is trying to back out though. I could not believe how squeamish some of these future doctors were! I walked forward meeting him right in the middle of the students. His muscles were bulging out of his shirt, not body builder bulging, but tall and lean muscle bulging.

If I got hard or soft because of something they did I wouldn't be able to hide it. He responded back to me, "I have this thing where I like to watch guys be forced naked and examined. This whole area was classrooms. Nathalie hayashi naked. You have to get used to it because it happens. I immediately moved to cover my genitals. I try to make my exams as realistic as possible because I know that the more real it appears, the more turned on the patient will be.

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I was horny again on the third day and masturbated at home before I went in. I wondered why he didn't look like the guy in the ad but didn't care at this point.

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Even if this could be fixed by going to therapy, I would never go. Nude sluts getting fucked. Amateur teenage babe nude dance and fucking with her BF If you experience any difficulties, please try disabling Adblock.

I know he was gay. Didn't he remember that I was gay! He had a file in hand, the same file he made up on me the last time which was a little creepy.

This time it was all males. I am over that now and know it is a part of me I enjoy. Kelly brook nude sex tape Hey Doc if you are reading this thanks for the masturbation material. Nude physical exam. I've had it for as long as I can remember. They have the actors do a few "medical" things in the first five minutes of the video if that long and then they get right to fucking. Satisfied and no longer horny, I grabbed my gown and made my way back to the room.

He used the stethoscope on my chest, left and then right, to listen inside. He finished scribbling notes on a clipboard and then called for the lad that greeted me earlier.

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